Objectives of the Association

1) Provide the project leaders community with a common, transparent platform for exchanging knowledge and experience
One of the main objectives of the association is to create a platform that will provide its members with appropriate conditions for mutual communication and exchange of knowledge and experience.

• We want the association not to be a mere formal institution, but to actively participate in shaping the direction of project management in the Czech Republic.
• We want the activities of the association to be transparent, to provide the same comfort and information to all its members without distinction.
• We want the association to maintain its status as a non-profit organisation and fundamentally reject its misuse for commercial and personal interests.

2) Develop awareness of project management within the Czech Republic
One of the fundamental priorities and objectives of the Association is to support the training of project managers. As equally important, we also perceive awareness of project management in other population groups. We want to focus on expanding theoretical knowledge about practical implementation of project disciplines in the framework of higher education and thus to build on existing activities, primarily designed for project leaders.

3) to plant the growth of the prestige of the association
We will be committed to expanding the membership base and the growth of certified project leaders. We want to engage in communication with other local associations and strive to promote the interests of the association at the global level.

The promotion of our intent will depend not only on the management of the association, but especially on the approach of you, members. We know that the birth of the association will require a lot of energy and effort – we are ready to spend this effort.